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Since 2023.

The slightly different products

Power products & power tinctures

OPC from grape seeds

60 capsules á 150 mg, purely vegetable

Vitamin B complex from buckwheat

60 capsules, purely plant-based vegan

Coenzyme Q10 from corn

60 capsules á 200 mg, purely vegetable

MSM from plant cells

120 capsules á 500 mg, purely vegetable

Krill oil from Antarctic krill

60 capsules á 285 mg, omega-3 fatty acids

L-arginine from plant components

120 capsules á 620 mg, purely vegetable

driend frankincense (boswellia serrata)

Frankincense from the Indian Boswellia serrata

90 capsules, purely vegetable


Spirulina & Chlorella from the Pacific Ocean

365 pellets, purely vegetable

Curcumin with Piperine from India

60 capsules á 225 mg curcumin content, purely vegetable

Vitamin C from acerola fruits

100 g powder á 170 mg, purely vegetable, high purity

Sango Coral with Calcium & Magnesium from Japan

200 gr powder, 100% fossil coral, high purity

Moringa Oleifera from organic wild growth

100 capsules á 600mg, purely vegetable

Zeolite clinoptiolite from volcanic rock

250 gr powdered powder,

100% pure natural zeolite, purely vegetable

Bitter substances from herbal bitter drops

100 ml, alcohol content 50% vol.

naturally pure, purely vegetable

VITA COLONIA from natural cultivation

500 ml with approx. 33 portions purely plant-based

CDL from chlorine dioxide 0.3%

100 ml, original formulation High purity


from wool wax

50 ml, 2000 drops at 1000 I.E.

completely clean


from all-trans isomers

50 ml, 1250 drops of 20 μg each, purely herbal

OPC CREAM contains Hyaluron + Q10

50 ml, purely plant-based, with secondary plant substances, unscented

MMS set of sodium chlorite & hydrochloric acid

50 ml, sodium chlorite solution 25%, hydrochloric acid solution 4%, original recipe

Selenium from inorganic

sodium selenite

50 ml, 1700 drops of 20 μg each, purely herbal

zinc from zinc sulphate &

vegetable glycerin

50 ml, 1700 drops of 1.5 mg each, purely herbal

DMSO Obtained from wood

100ml at 99.99%

High purity, purely vegetable

Kraft box made from FSC-certified bamboo

20.5 x 4.3 x 4.3 cm, 7 compartments, weekly planner, sustainably produced

Energy for Life stickers made of holographic paper

Good energy, positive vibes and free feelings

Energy for Life Pyramide of Organit & Holz

A powerful source of energy for our well-being

our power products

"We don't sell health.

We want you to be comfortable."

For a long time we have been looking for the answer how to form a harmonious unity of body, mind and soul. With our power products, inspired by the traditional and therapeutic wisdom and the old traditions of Far Eastern cultures, we have created products that take care of these individual needs in a gentle, natural way.

Assam Tea Plantation

Our journey to develop our strength products has taken us to amazing people around the globe. Together with them we were able to build up a well-founded wealth of knowledge and use it to create our power products. With our great producer, who has the same philosophy in his heart as we do, our products are carefully manufactured and contain no synthetic additives. Only high-quality ingredients are processed for our products. Whereby we have arrived at the most important component in our formulations.

The plant kingdom is extremely diverse and most have a specific place of origin where they naturally occur and evolved. This place of origin can refer to a specific country, geographical region or even to a specific ecosystem and can therefore have a high impact on their impact. The effect of a plant is influenced by factors such as climate, soil conditions and other environmental factors present in its place of origin.

Moringa oleifera tree with wet green leaves in forest

An example of this is the Moringa tree, which originally grows in India at the foot of the Himalayas. Moringa is considered one of the most nutritious plants on earth. In addition to its antioxidant effect, it supports the immune system and blood circulation. The same plant grown outside of its place of origin can have a different chemical composition and effect due to different environmental conditions and cultivation methods.

Therefore, when using plants, we are aware of the specific properties and potential effects and source them exclusively from the country of origin. Furthermore, we only use whole plants or parts of plants (flowers, leaves, seeds, bark, roots), but no isolated individual substances.

But not only that! In our journey of developing our power products, we came across another important component in our formula and it's called energy. Everything is energy, we humans are also made of energy that conducts information through our body. Everything we touch, we inform with our invisible power. We can be influenced by certain forms of energy and vibrations, and thus also our power products. Through various applications, such as crystals, precious stones or power signs, the positive properties of our products are strengthened and any negative energies are dissolved.

Thus, our products have the unique ability to affect both our body and our mental and emotional well-being.

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Culina | Die Speisekammer der Gsunt GmbH

Taufererstraße 6, Mühlen in Taufers I-39032 Italy

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Shop Gsunt | Gertrud Knapp, Dipl. Ernährungstrainerin

Taufererstraße 6, Mühlen in Taufers I-39032 Italy

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Salon Studio Paula

Hubenstraße 4, Kiens I- 39030 Italy

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Silence massage & therapie GmbH

Bälisteigstrasse 2, CH-8264 Eschenz

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Back Magic GmbH

Forch 25, Vahrn I-39040 Italy

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Gremsenstraße 2, St. Georgen I-39031 Italy


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