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Terra Nura X Fabio Biason


for life Pyramide

A powerful source of energy for our well-being.

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Discover the transformative power of the Energy for Life Pyramid!

Together with our great partner Dr. Fabio Biason - pharmacist, human energetics specialist, geobiologist, holistic health consultant and life coach, we have developed an Energy for Life pyramid - a powerful source of energy for our well-being.


Our pyramid can be placed in any space where there is a need for increased vibration and protection from harmful radiation. The pyramid achieves its best effect when placed under or next to the bed or near WLAN routers and power distributors. If there are several pyramids, it is advisable to set them up in a square arrangement in order to create an extremely powerful energy field that can also extend over several stories. Our energy tools can be excellently integrated into meditations or serve as an energy station by holding them relaxed in your hand.

Typical locations for our pyramids:

Workplaces, offices, under or next to the bed, near the TV and other sources of radiation.

Features of our product

Geometric Pyramid Shape

Our Energy for Life pyramid is lovingly handcrafted into an asymmetrical pyramid shape, as this creates a special energetic effect.

The top consists of an organite pyramid used for its positive effects on the energy field and the environment. Each stone is carefully selected as it has its own special effect and it is therefore important to us to harness these forces.

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Through our careful blending of organic and inorganic materials such as naturally grown crystals, rose quartz, black tourmaline, gold and silver, orgonite is able to generate high frequency vibrations. These vibrations serve to transform negative energy into positive, increase life energy, strengthen the aura and energetically cleanse the room. Orgonite is widely used to reduce electromagnetic radiation from wifi, mobile phones, laptops and televisions.

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The lower part of our Energy for Life pyramid consists of three different layers of wood: oak, nut and stone pine. Each wood has its own symbolic meaning and energetic effect. Oak represents power, strength, protection, safety, wisdom, connection to nature and earth energy. Nut stands for abundance, fertility, growth, new beginnings, protection and defence. Stone pine stands for relaxation, natural healing, cleansing, clarification, restful sleep and inner peace. The scent of the wood not only has a calming effect, but also symbolizes natural vitality, connection to the earth and much more.

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Afterwards, our Energy for Life pyramid is guided by our energetic pioneer Dr. Fabio Biason energetically charged. This creates a wonderful symbiosis between the organite tip and the layers of wood. In addition, the energy is never lost and fresh energy can be supplied from the sun. Exposing the pyramid to light half an hour after sunrise and half an hour before sunset. The energy of the sun charges the pyramid. Our energy station absorbs this energy and gives it back to us after one use.


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