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Since 2023.

Hello Sunshine

Let's start an amazing journey.

Hello Sunshine

You are beautiful there and fantastic that you have found us!

As is well known, there are no coincidences - so meeting you is not one of them.

It falls to one what is due in its time.

Are you looking for new impulses in your life, for adventures that touch you or for different perspectives? Then you are exactly right with us.

Together we will increase your potential!

Who we are? Good question!

We are a team of great and different experts and personalities.

Your Terra Nura team

Woman in Nature

We are one.

We are human. we are nature


If we compare the human potential with a seed or with a plant, given the conditions for it to get enough nutrients, water and light, it will grow by itself.

Are your conditions given so that your potential can grow?


"It's all about energy" - Everything revolves around energy. Sufficient energy in the right place is the basic requirement for the optimal functioning of body and mind. But what is energy? Our body gains most of its life force from our food, the nutrients, they are the original source of energy for everyone



Our spirit is always talking to us, like an inner voice. It lets us act intuitively, lets us perceive, pay attention and gets us into behaviors and types of movement. All of this contains valuable information. Man is an enigma and individual. What is abnormal for one may be normal for another and it is up to us to unravel the mystery!


The soul is the Self, the "I". It resides inside the body and acts through us. Without the soul, the body is like a lightbulb without electricity. It is the sentient part that breathes love, excitement, happiness and aliveness into us. It is closely connected to the body and mind and together form our "I". If all parts are in unison, the energy can flow freely.

"Nature is the most powerful healer

among us humans!"

-Terra Nura-

Our experts & personalities

Every day we are looking for impressive and great experts with holistic therapies, methods and techniques to support us on our way and to further develop our concept. they support you explore your inner world, find your strength and be the shaper of your life!

Hanna Huber

Detox-& Fastenkur Trainer

Dr. Fabio Biason

Pharmacist, human energy specialist, geobiologist, holistic health advisor and life coach.

Monika Grundmann

Founder of Edelstein-Balance®, author, resilience coach

Magdalena Huber

Laughter expert & primary school teacher

Verena Mitterrutzner

The Human Design Analyst &

Mental Coach

Gertrud Knapp

Qualified nutrition trainer

Johann Groeber

Health Advisor & Numerologist

Dr. medicine

Verena Delmonego

Specialist in general medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, dark field microscopy, energy medicine

Christine Schölzhorn

Exclusive energy painting & singing bowl baths

Dr. A.S. med.

Karin Botchen

Specialist in physical medicine & complementary medicine

Jessica Iori

Medium & Spiritual Coach

Mag. Andreas Röck

Mag. Franziska Grünfelder

Family constellations, system constellations, symptom constellations

Alex Kaltenhauser

Founder of HEILSA, passionate chef with 15 years of experience

Anna Covelli

Mindfulness trainer, breathing trainer, author and consultant in the areas of ethics, sustainability and health.

Andreas Frener &

Petra Agreiter

Pranatherapist, energetic masseur, honey masseur

Are you new here, don't know our products and services yet, but would like to try them out? Or would you like to receive useful information or great offers? We understand!

You are more than welcome to contact us and come to us with your concerns!

Terra Nura

How would it be if we humans no longer put our lives in unknown hands, but started to activate our self-healing powers? In our life there are no obstacles, setbacks are not losses and something positive will come out of every situation in the future. New circumstances are seen as an opportunity and disappointments are seen as experiences. We want to change and take our steering wheel into our own hands...

Be the Change

Be human again! We put people and their humanity back in the center with all their potential. Also offer an alternative to maintain health through your own interventions and to achieve an optimal lifestyle. Movement and behavioral changes are also very important factors. We provide information on how we can increase our potential with new trains of thought and differentiated perspectives and how we can achieve top performance...

food is life

Each individual has the opportunity to specifically influence the health of their body and mind with food and a changed lifestyle! People often find it difficult to change their lifestyle and dietary habits. It is therefore important to accept the "natural resistance to change" and always take small steps. Our tip: "The smallest change makes the biggest difference!"

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