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Energy for life Sticker

Good energy, positive vibes and free feelings.

Application of the Energy for Life Sticker

Discover our magical Energy for Life sticker! Like a flat pyramid, it unfolds its magical power to release energy and harmonize the body's natural energy systems. It releases tension, balances the nervous system and awakens feelings of joy, peace and vitality. By using special materials, even electromagnetic radiation can be absorbed and transmitted, which, for example, can reduce cell phone radiation to the human brain by an astonishing 99.99 percent! Versatile, this sticker accompanies you everywhere - be it on your cell phone, in the car, on the computer, by the water and much more!

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What effect does electromagnetic radiation

from electronic devices have on the body?

The electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones, transmission towers, electrical devices and the latest wireless technology can affect our health by disrupting hormonal and other bodily processes. Our Energy for Life sticker is a loving contribution to the well-being of our body. It is designed to support us by absorbing and converting electromagnetic waves to fill us with a surge of beneficial energy. Like a gentle ray of sunshine caressing our skin, we feel embraced by this energy - warming, invigorating and full of joie de vivre.


Back Phone


The magnetic field gradients irritate our organism, which reacts with stress due to the damage to the DNA.

After 15 minutes

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By smoothing the tips, a natural electromagnetic field is simulated, the “protective shield” remains intact and there is no reaction from our organism.

Our process analysis

Immerse yourself in the world of our unique stickers, made from a revolutionary bio-nano-composite ceramic powder. Rich in far infrared rays (FIR) and negative ion technology, they consist of a total of 32 layers. Each individual sticker radiates beneficial energy thanks to our innovative manufacturing processes. Experience a new level of vitality and well-being with an impressive register of 3000 to 3500 negative ions per Energy for Life sticker.

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24K Golden Metal

Japanese mineral elements

32 layers of negative ion


Mineralisches Germanium

Absorbent material

Self-adhesive sticker

Features of our product

Woman in Lotus Position

In our journey of developing our power products, we encountered an important component called energy. Everything is energy, we humans are energy too. Every word we say every day has a significant effect on us. Each symbol has a strong energetic meaning and represents deep emotions. Everything we touch, we influence with our invisible energy, including our power products.

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By working with our amazing partner Dr. Fabio Biason - pharmacist, human energetics, geobiologist, holistic health consultant and life coach, we were able to create a wonderful synergy from our recipes and his knowledge and applications and develop our Energy for Life Sticker. This will then be carried out by Dr. Fabio Biason energetically charged.

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Discover the transformative power of the Energy for Life Sticker!

Together with our great partner Dr. Fabio Biason - pharmacist, human energetics, geobiologist, holistic health consultant and life coach, we have developed an Energy for Life Sticker - an energetic sticker that can be used for many things.

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