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Holistic Heal Wellness

for all senses

We bring mind, body & soul into harmony!

seek peace, find peace

House of Nura is the name of our network and embodies the holistic approach of our concept. What does that mean for you?

In our partner hotels you will experience holistic wellness, which is holistically deeper, is fun, has a permanently changing effect and leads to increased well-being and a better quality of life.

With great retreats, we invite you to take advantage of an offer in one of our partner hotels that offers you opportunities for regeneration and a good body feeling.

Your Terra Nura team

Between mountains & meadows

Only focus on yourself

The South Tyrolean mountains

The hustle and bustle of everyday life confuses us. The head does not come to rest, the body is tense - we are not in balance. In the midst of the breathtaking mountains, deep valleys and blooming meadows, it's time to look for peace - and actually find the source of relaxation. Here you will experience a refreshingly invigorating time.

South Tyrol is the ideal place to retreat, where time can be felt again, where you can reconnect with nature and concentrate completely on yourself. This creates an unforgettably magical moment, far away from everyday life to draw new strength and take home as a souvenir.

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Prevention instead of aftercare

We want to lead people on a special path, to a conscious, nature-loving way of life. Everyone can take the necessary steps to preventively increase their daily well-being. The elixir of life of each individual is individual and is based on the quality of nutrition, the methods of stress management, inner awareness, the flow of energy, everyday movement and the social environment - they form the root of health. Let's go to a new world together. Every small step in the direction of more humanity and self-confidence leads to an awakening in a new, dreamily blooming meadow.

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