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Growth works in the regeneration phase - away from everyday life. We humans develop fastest when we are able to deal intensively with ourselves in a focused manner and without any distraction.

Experiences also change our subconscious sometimes very quickly and can strengthen us in what we wish for and dream of.

Terra Nura sets new standards for exponential growth and shows that changes that are initially small can have a much larger impact over time.

Man relaxing on massage table receiving massage.

Terra Nura Retreat

Detox & Rest

Duration: 7 days

Do you love spring cleaning too? Everything in your house is clean and shiny, refreshed and rejuvenated for a new and beautiful season. A clean home makes us feel happier, more motivated, and ready to do whatever life throws at us. Now imagine doing the same with your body. A detox boosts our energy levels and purifies our bodies like never before. Get rid of toxins and impurities that cause sluggish and exhausted behavior and rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit to a whole new level. With our Terra Nura Retreat you can expect professional instruction & guidance, nutritional analysis & training, supportive abdominal treatments and beneficial wraps for detoxifying the liver, workshops for mind & soul and like-minded people who want to do the same.

Alone Young woman with long fluttering hair express emotions in forest

Stress management retreat Exhausted & exhausted?

Duration: 5 days

Our Stress Management Retreat takes a holistic approach to health that helps restore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. In daily life each of us has a role to play and our retreat allows you to return to your true self and break out of the spiral of stress. For some it's an experience of coming back to life fulfilled, for others it's a chance to just be cared for. Our team of doctors, mentors, energy healers and therapists have created a great program that includes great offers such as time wave therapy, mind coaching, breathing techniques and sleep rituals. Let's awaken a new unexpected life energy in us and start a calm & relaxed journey.

The concept of femininity, women's health, gynecology

Retreat the power of women

the secret of femininity

Duration: 5 days

What is the essence of the feminine, regardless of the form woman? What defines femininity and what are the barriers for women? Together with our coaches, shamans & therapists, we use different methods and tools to look at different topics and questions. Trust in the power of life. Experience your own depth. Identify protection and control programs. Recognize manipulation and give up. Appreciate personal and collective trauma. Establishing and maintaining a connection to your own body. Gain emotional objectivity. Taking responsibility for evolution. let go of the victim mentality.

Each retreat is unique and develops its own choreography. Are you ready to look into your inner power of femininity from the bottom of your heart?

Shirtless man in nature

Power retreat for

border crossers

Duration: 5 days

Connect with the masculinity within you. The wild man lives in each of us and in his incredibly fascinating masculinity is an expression of wildness and passion, love and growth, a sense of community and heart intelligence, protector and guardian. Together with our experts, we enter the world of the wild man and let this down-to-earth, joyful, free, lustful, purposeful and powerful side come alive in us again.

During these days in nature you will experience how easy it can be for you to unlock your access with the support of an appreciative brotherhood.

Child's Hand Resting on Father's Hand

family moon being parents, child and family

Duration: 5 days

Familymoons are a great opportunity for families of all kinds. Family life with children is beautiful, exciting and exciting, but it can also be very challenging at times and everyday life not only brings challenges, but also awakens a previously unknown side of you and your partner. Maybe sometimes you don't recognize yourself anymore. The common connection as a man and woman is neglected and being a mother/father and family determines your life in several ways and demands the right energy. The Familymoon enables you to share unique experiences, to release any blockages and raises your bond to a completely new level that lasts for eternity.


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