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Our training

experiential and experiential learning

We have designed unique training courses for you and your wellness area with special speakers. From a pool of different topics, you can choose the teaching content that suits you and your concept in order to further deepen your knowledge. This training offers you important theoretical content as well as practical exercises and experiences. You will be accompanied on this journey by our speakers.

The introductory course to new consciousness

Together with our experts, we go deep under the surface of what we usually understand by the terms wellness today! Instead of just leveraging the hotel's hardware, now is the time to relearn and reuse the roots of the software. With this congress we all create the basis for a new awareness in the field of holistic wellness!

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Training KraftProducts

We will introduce you and your spa team to the realm of power products. With detailed instructions and personal experience, we lead a workshop together with our top experts.

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The retreat in the mountain silence

From hotelier to holistic

At the retreat in the mountain stillness, our focus is on community and strengthening our connection. We focus on togetherness and create an atmosphere in which we inspire and encourage each other. Let's be in harmony together and set a new, positive wave in motion

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