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food is life

Means of survival then and now

Scottish Highland Cow

If you look around in nature, we all have something in common: All organisms have to find food in their environment in order to be able to live.

If you see an insectivorous toad that likes to eat insects, it's happy. If you see a cow that likes to graze, she will eat what is good for her, grass and fodder. But what if you gave her shellfish instead, or something she's unfamiliar with? She would probably get sick.

What if we don't like the fact that lions kill gazelles and wildebeests to eat their organs and meat to survive? But we would feed them spinach and kale instead? Then we'll have a dead lion before long. The same applies to us humans. We follow an adaptive nutritional manuscript. But when we deviate from that, strange things happen. For example: obesity, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases, dementia, cancer or declining performance and much more. Food is therefore like a remedy for us and we should consider it as such again.

With our post "Become human", we are happy to provide you with more detailed information, tips and instructions for a healthy diet that will make your everyday life a little easier.

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