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Be the change

Formula for change:

Expand your perspective and awareness

Uniting body with consciousness and consciousness with the soul

"The future is not 'preordained', nor is life a sad, random event that we would have nothing to say about. The world changes from within, from within everyone's inner consciousness. Illnesses and incidents in general are just a consequence of what is happening IN people. It is a mirror that reflects us."

Hanna Huber

90% of our daily thoughts are exactly the same as the day before. Anyone who wakes up in the morning and thinks about their problems, which regularly have to do with certain people and places, thinks in the past. As long as our thoughts, feelings and actions are based on the past, life will always be the same.

Especially as a child we could perceive deep mystical experiences and had a very strong consciousness. We have been conditioned by advertising, social policies, school systems and outdated beliefs. In order to regain our perception, we have to gradually let go of old beliefs. As we reconnect the circuits, layers are removed, veils lifted, and we begin to see reality from a new perspective.

Thoughtful businessman
Man walking in nature

The perfect place to create something new is the unknown place. Here body and brain are attuned to a new future. Constantly orienting yourself to the vision of the future requires practice and takes time. Forgetting the dreams and goals is much easier.

If we practice putting our focus on a long-awaited matter of the heart, such as abundance, health, wealth, a new job or new career and feel into it with all our senses and emotions, we can automatically manifest and realize it.

When we come to full consciousness, a tremendous surge of energy follows. This is detectable in our nervous system. The experience is so real that it engages and enriches the brain's attention. In addition, it produces deep emotions, but not emotions like fear, pain or suffering, rather it is a sublime emotion, electromagnetic, poignant and full of adrenaline. This electrification awakens us and we feel a biological upgrade in our body.

"Neural network

The greatest fear we humans have is not to be inadequate, but to be limitless! Our inner potential scares us, not our darkness. It doesn't help us humans and our world if we make ourselves small so that others don't feel insecure around us. We were born to experience the glory of the universe - each and every one. Let our positive energy flow and subconsciously move others with us. When we are liberated from our limitations and fears, our presence liberates others too!

Let the journey begin!

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