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Our history

Hanna's mission, a wonderful symbiosis in harmony with a relaxed mental cinema, a powerful body and inner peace of mind, led to the founding of Terra Nura in 2022. Holistic health has been a very important part of her everyday life since she was a child and so she came into contact with naturopathy, quantum physics, energetic healing and much more. Since then, the Terra Nura founder has been fascinated by the well-being effects of these forms of therapy, and she began to realize the long-awaited Terra Nura corporate project.

Terra stands for earth and Nura stands for light. The name was chosen by our founder Hanna as a symbol for the symbiosis of originality and naturalness on the one hand and sun energy on the other.

We lead and accompany people on a special path, to a conscious, nature-loving way of life and nutrition. On this common path, we support people to act self-determined from their own center in order to achieve the best possible for themselves. The goal is to bring body, mind and soul into harmony. We walk together and stay by our side to support and connect through the exchange of experiences. Every small step towards more freedom and self-confidence brings us closer to our goal. This is exactly what our philosophy is based on.

We attach particular importance to:


Our heart is open to interactive communication with our customers. We live our passion transparently and pass on our knowledge and experience.


Terra Nura guarantees the authenticity of the power products by constantly exchanging information with the producers about ingredients, origin, quality, composition and dosage. Only real nature-related quality creates added value and strengthens our well-being from within.


The highest purity and best quality are our standards, and we attach particular importance to the selection of our producers. The absence of unnecessary fillers and additives also ensures maximum safety. Regular checks by certification bodies guarantee compliance with our quality standards.


With the recipes, we pay attention to good digestibility. The best possible gentle manufacturing processes in production are the basis for good tolerability and support the breakdown of the natural active ingredients when ingested. Every body reacts individually to ingredients, your own experience is trend-setting.


We attentively perceive people in their entirety and support them in putting themselves back in focus. In this cooperation we practice mindfulness and thus mutual appreciation.

N= network

Together with special therapists and healers we have designed a unique network. From a pool of different therapies, you can choose the options that suit you to further increase your well-being. These therapies offer you physical, mental and spiritual treatments as well as important practical exercises and experiences. You will be accompanied on this journey by our hotel partners.

U = Origin

We bring people back to their origins by balancing their physical strength, bringing out their mental powers and reconnecting their inner intuition with nature.

R = REgeneration

Growth works in the regeneration phase. Terra Nura sets new standards for exponential growth and shows that changes that are initially small can have a much larger impact over time. Together with the South Tyrolean hotel industry, we are once again focusing on “holistic wellness”. At the source of relaxation in the middle of the breathtaking mountains, valleys and meadows, the hotel guest recharges his batteries from the holistic wellness concept. Our nutrient-rich power products and harmonizing AromaCare products relax the body, tickle the senses and revitalize the spirit in a completely natural way. This creates an unforgettably magical moment, far away from everyday life, to gain new strength and take it home with you as a souvenir.

A = sincerity

We regard health and vitality as a fundamental right. They should be accessible to everyone. We therefore always offer all our products at fair and reasonable prices. We work through the entire range with fixed, moderate profit margins - our products are always as good value as we can afford. We immediately pass on all advantages resulting from changed raw material prices or production conditions 1:1 to our customers.

Let's go a new way together!

Your Terra Nura team

Sabrina Mick

Julia Hofer


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